The Baileys of Balboa

The Baileys of Balboa is an American sitcom that appeared on CBS in the 1964-1965 season on Thursdays at 9:30pm ET.  The show was directed by Gary Nelson and Bob Sweeney.

The show was primarily developed for the network because its president, James T. Aubrey, insisted that Gilligan’s Island, which premiered the same season (and which he personally loathed), would have been a better show if it had centered on the exploits of a charter boat captain operating in a marina, and had his old friend Keefe Brasselle produce his version of the idea in order to prove his point.
The plot follows the Bailey family, who live at a beach resort (where Sam Bailey operates a charter boat at the local marina), and who regularly get into conflicts with their wealthier neighbors.  The show starred Paul Ford (Sam Bailey), Sterling Holloway (Buck Singleton), John Dehner (Commodore Cecil Wyntoon), Judy Carne (Barbara Wyntoon), Les Brown, Jr. (Jim Bailey), Clint Howard (Stanley), Howard Freeman (Langley) and Dorothy Green.  John Banner also occasionally appeared as “Hans.”  Among the guest stars on The Baileys of Balboa was Roger Ewing, who in 1965 was cast as Thaddeus “Thad” Greenwood in CBS’s western series, Gunsmoke, a role that he held for two years.
After Aubrey was fired from the network in February 1965 (amid charges of “conflict of interest” in scheduling the show and two other Brasselle productions without formal pilot episodes), The Baileys of Balboa fulfilled its 26-episode commitment, and was abruptly canceled (due, in part, to poor ratings opposite ABC’s Peyton Place). Gilligan’s Island continued for two more seasons.