Cara Williams Show

The Cara Williams Show is an American sitcom that aired in 1964 on CBS.  Cara Williams starred with costars Frank Aletter, previously the star of Bringing Up Buddy on CBS, and Jack Sheldon, later star of the short-lived 1966 series, Run, Buddy, Run, also on CBS.

On the series, Williams and Aletter played Cara and Frank Bridges, a married couple who tried to keep their union secret because company police at Fenwick Diversified Industries, for which they both worked, forbade employees to marry within the company.  Cara was known by her maiden name, Cara Wilton, at work, where she was a secretary with a filing system so complex that only she knew just where to find each exact file that was needed.  This made her indispensable to her boss, Mr. Burkhardt (Paul Reed), so she could never lose her job.
The series was created by Keefe Brasselle’s Richelieu Productions, along with two other programs that season, The Reporter starring Harry Guardino and Gary Merrill and Paul Ford’s sitcom The Baileys of Balboa.  All three series were ordered by CBS president James T. Aubrey without formal pilot episodes (he was a close friend of Brasselle’s), and all were cancelled after Aubrey was fired from the network in February 1965.