The Mod Squad

“hippie” undercover cop show that ran on ABC from September 24th, 1968, until August 23rd, 1973.   It starred Michael Cole as Pete Cochran, Peggy Lipton as Julie Barnes, Clarence Williams III as Linc Hayes, and Tige Andrews as Captain Adam Greer.  The executive producers of the series were Aaron Spelling and Danny Thomas.

They were The Mod Squad (“One black, one white, one blond”), the hippest and first young undercover cops on TV.  Each of these characters represented mainstream culture’s principal fears regarding youth in the era: Long-haired rebel Pete Cochran was kicked out of his parents’ Beverly Hills home, then arrested and put on probation after he stole a car; Linc Hayes was from a family of 13 children and was arrested in the Watts riots, one of the longest and most violent actual riots in Los Angeles history; beautiful flower child Julie Barnes, the “canary with a broken wing”, was arrested for vagrancy after running away from her prostitute mother’s San Francisco home; and Captain Adam Greer was a tough but sympathetic mentor and father figure who convinced them to form the squad.