My Friend Tony

My Friend Tony is an American crime drama that aired on NBC in 1969.  The pilot originally aired as “My Pal Tony” on The Danny Thomas Hour on March 4th, 1968.

The series features Enzo Cerusico as the title character, Tony Novello, and James Whitmore as John Woodruff, a professor of criminology who served in Italy during World War II.  As a child, Novello had been a street urchin who survived as a pickpocket, with Woodruff being one of his intended victims.  The premise of the series was that the adult (and reformed) Novello had emigrated to the United States to join Woodruff in a private investigation team.  Novello handled the legwork and physical side of the investigations while Woodruff conducted painstaking analysis of the most obscure clues.
My Friend Tony debuted on January 5th, 1969.  NBC slotted the program in the 10 p.m. Eastern timeslot on Sundays, following Bonanza.  The network ended productions of the series after 16 episodes but continued airing reruns of the show through that summer.  The program aired for the last time on August 31st, 1969.