The Doris Day Show

The Doris Day Show is an American sitcom that was originally broadcast on the CBS Television network from September 1968 until March 1973, remaining on the air for five seasons and 128 episodes.

The Doris Day Show was also the title of her radio show which aired from Hollywood in 1952, with “It’s Magic” as the theme song.
In addition to showcasing Doris Day, the show is remembered for its several abrupt format and cast changes over the course of its five-year run.  The show is also remembered for Day’s statement, in her autobiography Doris Day: Her Own Story (1975), that her husband Martin Melcher had signed her to do the TV series without her knowledge, a fact she only discovered when Melcher died of heart disease on April 20th, 1968.  The TV show premiered on Tuesday, September 24th, 1968.